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Microfiber Blanket

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* This model is not the ordinary microfiber blanket!

* Experience new fantastic touch!


1. Much Softer touch like downy feeling than ordinary polyester polar fleece.

2. Much warmer feeling than ordinary polyester fleece blanket.  

3. Luxurious & comfortable embracement.

4. Pretty and beautiful fabrics’ piles, comparing to ordinary blankets’ tangled and messed piles.

5. Has some physical anti-bacteria function due to millions of ultra fine microfibers in one square inch.


- Fabric : Circular knit cut-end terry fabric.

- Size : 75x140cm, 100x150cm, 150x210cm, 180x230cm, ...

- Fabric w'ty : 360gsm, 450gsm, 520gsm, ...

- Pile's length : 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm


- MOQ : 300pcs/color

- Delivery : shipment made within 1month or 45days

- Packing : bulk packaging basis. Individual piece packaging is available as per customer's   requirement.